Gillian BenAry

Gillian BenAry Helping you craft a values-driven life


ABOUT Coaching

The coaching relationship is driven by you: your needs, your goals, and your vision for a fulfilling life that is truly your own creation. I am right beside you in the process, helping guide you home to your own inner wisdom.


Client Reviews

The primary feeling I had after our session was relief. I felt seen and heard, and I don’t feel like I’m managing this alone, even though I’m the one ‘doing the work.’ Working with Gillian is like having someone hold your hand while walking across a fallen log.
— Katie W.
Gillian is incredibly talented at asking helpful questions and leading me through the confusion. I went from feeling confused about how to make it out of my problem to feeling grounded, validated, and whole.
— Jessicalynn R.

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Reach out to me at to schedule a 30 minute introductory call. We can discuss your goals, you can get to know my style, and decide if coaching is right for you.