Logo Suite for Preserved

Today I want to share the recent work I did re-designing the logo for Preserved, a DIY-fermentation supply shop and school in the heart of the Temescal district of Oakland.

Inside the wonderful world of Preserved in Oakland

Inside the wonderful world of Preserved in Oakland

Owner Elizabeth Vecchiarelli had some desires for the new look:

  • She wanted something fresh and modern-feeling
  • But she still wanted some sort of traditional or "classic" feel: a nod to the strong history and culinary tradition that her business is built upon.
  • Yet, something with playful feel, not too stuffy.
  • We wanted to maintain the hand-drawn illustrative style that would match the illustrations I had previously done for her recipe books and zines
  • Finally she brought me the classic French "le Parfait" glass jar, often used in food preservation and which has a lovely, old-world and feminine feel.

 Designers love constraints, so, with all these inputs in mind, I got to work!

All the logos were hand-drawn by me and then digitized with Adobe Illustrator.

After incorporating Beth's feedback and the perfect amount of refining, we had it! I'm so pleased with the way this logo suite turned out. Make sure to check out Preserved in Oakland and subscribe to their newsletter, which is chock-full of fermentation recipes & inspiration!